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We would like to be your nearby Surprise, Arizona, family physician office. Our office is made up of three practitioners, Dr. Adam Nally and his physician assistants, Brad Hall, PA-C, and Jenna Lightfoot, PA-C. They work closely together to provide the best care for you and your family.

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Adrenal Insufficiency, Adrenal Fatigue, PseudoCushing’s Syndrome – Oh My!
Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal Insufficiency?  Cortisol? PseudoCushing’s Syndrome?  What do these terms mean and why are they all over the internet these days? And, what do they have to do with your weight loss? This was our topic this evening on PeriScope.  Katch Dr. Nally speak about this topic with rolling comments at  Or you […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/25/2015
The 5 Myths of Weight Loss
This evening we covered the 5 myths of weight loss identified through the National Weight Control Registry’s research findings. What causes “wrinkle face” for Dr. Nally?  We also talked about & answered 20 minutes of rapid fire questions ranging from the amount of protein you need daily to the likelihood a human could be a […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/24/2015
What Lab Testing Do You Need to Start Your Weight Loss Journey?
What laboratory testing is necessary when you start your weight loss journey on a Ketogenic, Low-Carbohydrate, Paleolithic or any other dietary changes?  Why do you need them and what are you looking for?  We discuss these questions and others on today’s PeriScope.  Lots of questions from around the world to day . . . this […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/23/2015
Diabetes Mellitus – Really the Fourth Stage of Insulin Resistance
I just completed my reading of Dr. Joseph Kraft’s Diabetes Epidemic & You.  This text originally printed in 2008 and was re-published in 2011.  I am not really sure why I have never seen this book until now, but I could not put it down.  I know, I am a real life medical geek.  But […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/23/2015
The Ketogenic Antidote to Chronic Renal Disease
It is well know that one of the most profound complications of diabetes is damage to the kidney and the very small arteries within the kidney acting as your body’s filtration system.  The kidney begins to lose the ability to adequately filter and retain microscopic protein progressively over time. As the blood sugar and insulin levels […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/22/2015
How to Stay Motivated on Carbohydrate Restriction
This evening on PeriScope, we talked about the 10 things you can do to stay motivated on your low-carb lifestyle.  A number of great questions were asked including: How much carbohydrate should be restricted? What labs should you be monitoring regularly? What’s a normal blood sugar? Why is Dr. Nally freezing in Denver? Is fermented […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/20/2015
Phone Server Crashed this Morning
We had a phone server crash this morning (the wonders of an electronic world we live in!!).  If you have been trying to get a hold of the office, we anticipate it to be back up around 11:30 am Arizona Time.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Please call back around […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/19/2015
Chewing the Phat with Dr. Nally (The Psychology of Fat & Many Other Questions)
Join me as we chew the phat of ketogenic lifestyles PeriScope style and answer many questions like, “Why do I get ‘hangry’?”  What causes hypoglycemia?  How many times a day should I eat? and many more . . . We talk briefly about why 60% of people with insulin resistance may need methylated folic acid […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/18/2015
Take Just A Moment and Admire . . . (Then Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight)
A patient just sent this picture to me this evening.  I got a good laugh out of it. It brought up a couple of principles. Seriously, take just a moment and admire this pile of bacon. . . First, it’s important that we take a moment and think about what is important in life.  What […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/15/2015
Four Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes that Halt Your Weight Loss
What are the four most common mistakes I see in the office when it comes to weight loss?  Watch Dr. Nally on today’s PeriScope as he answers that question and many others.  You can see it here with the live stream comments on: Or see the video below: Tagged: Ketogenic, Ketogenic Diet, Ketogenic Lifestyle, […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 11/15/2015