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We would like to be your nearby Surprise, Arizona, family physician office. Our office is made up of three practitioners, Dr. Adam Nally and his physician assistants, Brad Hall, PA-C, and Jenna Lightfoot, PA-C. They work closely together to provide the best care for you and your family.

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It’s Not About The Nail . . . Or Is It?
Sometimes, you don’t need to be fixed . . . you just need to be heard.   Tagged: Humor, Psychology
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 2/7/2016
Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #3: Be BOLD or Be Italic, but never be Regular: Why Size Matters with Cholesterol
   On this evenings PeriScope video we talked about cholesterol.  This is the burning question on everyone’s mind who starts a Low-Carb, High Fat or Ketogenic Diet: “What will happen to my cholesterol if I lower my carbohydrates and eat more fat?” The answer . . . it will improve! How do I know this? […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 2/3/2016
Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #2: Life Begins at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone
We have been taught for over 50 years that the minimum carbohydrate intake necessary to maintain health is 130 grams per day, with the average diet of 2000 calories per day containing around 300 grams per day based on 1977 recommendations that 55-60% of are dietary intake should come from carbohydrates.  This value was initially […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/31/2016
Ketogenic Lifestyle Rule #1: There should ALWAYS be bacon in the fridge
I thought that over the next few weeks I’d address a number of Ketogenic Lifestyle Rules that I have adopted.  These seem to help and bring a little clarity to one following a Ketogenic Lifestyle or someone on the road to becoming a true “Ketonian.” The first of these rules is that there should ALWAYS […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/30/2016
Patience: Why Weight Loss is a Slow Process?
Watch this weekend’s Periscope conversation about why weight loss is slow and why anything that is worthwhile takes time. You can watch the Periscope Video below: Tagged: Diet, Insulin Resistance, Ketogenic Diet, Ketogenic Lifestyle, Low Carbohydrate Diet, Patience, Periscope, Weight Loss
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/30/2016
Is Your Sweetener Making you FAT?
I am frequently asked about the sweeteners that can be used with a low carbohydrate diet.  There are a number of sweeteners available that are used in “LowCarb” pre-processed foods like shakes or bars, or in cooking as alternatives to sugar; however, many of them raise insulin levels without raising blood sugar and are not […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/21/2016
Ketogenic Diet Halts Tumor Growth
It has long been understood that tumor cells of any kind require high levels of glucose to grow and spread (1,2).  It is also recognized that higher levels of insulin, commonly found in patients with insulin resistance or type II diabetes, are 2.4 times more likely to stimulate the development of breast cancer (3). A […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/8/2016
The Ketogenic Diet & Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease caused by demyelination or breakdown of the myelin coating around the nerve cells (1).   This is referred to as a neurodegeneration where the physical structure of the nerve is compromised, much like the coating around an electrical wire being chipped or stripped away. Common symptoms of MS […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/6/2016
What Are Your Biggest Weight Loss Struggles?
Join Dr. Nally on this evening’s Periscope as we talk about your biggest weight loss struggles in rapid fire style.  We cover topics this evening from the effects of cheating on a ketogenic diet to how to overcome a weight loss stall . . . join us to hear the whole conversation. Tagged: Ketogenic Diet, […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/5/2016
Low-Carb Recipes: Candied Nuts & Death By Chocolate Cheese Cake
Catch up with Dr. Nally and his amazingly beautiful and talented wife, Tiffini, as he Periscopes about two of his favorite Low-Carb snacks: Death By Chocolate Cheese Cake (You can find the recipe by Carolyn Ketchum here.) Candied Nuts Enjoy!   Tagged: Candied Nuts, Caroyln Ketchum, Cheese Cake, Death By Chocolate, Ketogenic, Ketogenic Diet, Low […]
Source:The KetoDynamic Antidote, by DocMuscles 1/5/2016