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We would like to be your nearby Surprise, Arizona, family physician office. Our office is made up of three practitioners, Dr. Adam Nally and his physician assistants, Brad Hall, PA-C, and Jenna Lightfoot, PA-C. They work closely together to provide the best care for you and your family.

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Podcast #32: Hereditary Angioedema, Lower Blood Ketones, Statins, Healthy Keto Lifestyle
Listen to KetoTalk Podcast #32 where we talk about hereditary angio-edema, adequate ketone ranges, statin use while in ketosis and healthy keto questions.  You can listen in by going to or you can listen in on iTunes. “About 40 percent of my older patient population who take statins while eating ketogenic experience some form […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 8/26/2016
Ketogenic BioHacking Workshop – Online
How does a ketogenic diet work? How can it help my metabolism? What actually occurs in your metabolism when you become a fat burning machine? How does functioning off of ketones aid and improve disease? Join Dr.Nally online, via Webex, and learn how to optimize your body and your metabolism. Ketogenic BioHacking with Dr. Adam Nally […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 8/23/2016
Bacon Can’t Solve All Your Problems . . .
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Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 8/6/2016
Calculating Protein Needs for Your Ideal Body Weight
That’s what he was taught and that’s what most of us did . . .  We did it because of the way we ate.   Even Mr. Schwarzenegger changed his tune on protein. . . For the body builder that formula is pretty close, but for the average Joe who doesn’t work out for an […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 7/25/2016
Skinny on Sweeteners in 13 Minutes
  I am frequently asked about the sweeteners that can be used with a low carbohydrate diet.  There are a number of sweeteners available that are used in “LowCarb” pre-processed foods like shakes or bars, or in cooking as alternatives to sugar.  However, most of them raise insulin levels without raising blood sugar and are […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 7/24/2016
Men’s Hearts Failing Them for Fear
I am always fascinate when religious or spiritual topics collide with medical evidences and/or disease.  I am convinced that “the natural man” has trouble recognizing that all things are spiritual unto God (1 Corinthians 2:14).  Unfortunately, training in medicine often attempts to “educate the spirituality out of you.” However, this week,and in church today, I’ve […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 7/24/2016
Is Your Oatmeal is Killing You?
“Doc, if I don’t get my testosterone up, I’m just going to die!” I’ve been hearing that statement from men more and more often lately.   And, the answer isn’t what you’d think. If you’ve watched late night TV recently, you’ve probably seen the many advertisements for testosterone supplements for low testosterone in men or what […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 7/24/2016
KetoDynamic BioHacking Workshop
Come join us on August 4th at 7pm for an evening of fun filled learning about health, diet and how ketones play a role in a healthy lifestyle.  Get a chance to talk with Dr. Nally and try out a sample of exogenous ketones. You can register for the event here. Tagged: Keto//OS, KetoDynamic Lifestyle, […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 7/23/2016
Pizza & Family Gatherings, Is A Carb A Carb, Cataracts, & Hyperinsulinemia On Keto
LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD AT ITUNES LISTEN ON YOUR COMPUTER AT KETOTALK.COM If you are interested in the low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet, then this is the podcast for you. We zero in exclusively on all the questions people have about how being in a state of nutritional ketosis and the effects it has on […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 7/21/2016