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We would like to be your nearby Surprise, Arizona, family physician office. Our office is made up of three practitioners, Dr. Adam Nally and his physician assistants, Brad Hall, PA-C, and Jenna Lightfoot, PA-C. They work closely together to provide the best care for you and your family.

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Happy Valentine’s Day
May your Valentine’s Day be one full of joy and 80% saturated fat!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Tagged: Bacon Roses, Ketogenic Diet, Ketogenic Lifestyle, Valentine's Day
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/14/2017
Thyroiditis & Ketosis: Does Low-Carb cause poor thyroid function?
Watch as Dr. Nally dispels myths around low-carbohydrate or ketogenic diets causing poor thyroid function. We spend about 30 minutes talking about how ketones, insulin, and leptin affect the thyroid function.  Dr. Nally answers a broad spectrum of Facebook Life questions about this topic and how exogenous ketones play a roll in this issue and […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/9/2017
Bacon Beauty
Tagged: Bacon, Beauty, Humor, Love, Low Carb, Low Carb Diet, LowCarb, Truth, Women
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/4/2017
Fatty Liver Disease – It Isn’t Caused By Fat . . .
Two out of ten people that he sees in his office have signs of fatty liver disease.  What does that mean to society and how does it affect you? Spend 11 minutes with Dr. Nally as he discusses the cause of Fatty Liver Disease and discusses the most effective method he has found to treat […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/4/2017
Full Circle Aging. . . The Real Reason for BACON
Tagged: 8-Track Tapes, Aging, Bacon, Gramophone, Humor, Rabbit Ears, Technology, Texting
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/4/2017
Kidney Stones: The Wicked Step-Child of Gout
While at a medical conference in Tampa, Florida, I started thinking about uric acid.  This lead to remembering the story of a patient who was passing a kidney stone . . .  watch to find out what she said. Kidney stones are really just gout’s wicked step-child and both are usually found in the insulin […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/2/2017
How Toast & Jam Make Gout For Breakfast
Join me as we discuss gout and how insulin resistance is really the underlying cause, driven by the body’s metabolism of fructose.  Yes, your orange juice is making your gout worse, really.  We discuss the metabolism of fructose and it’s affect on the formation of uric acid crystals and gout. Watch the video and learn […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 2/2/2017
Atherosclerosis: The Stuff Heart Attacks & Strokes are Made Of. . .
Watch as we talk for a few minutes about how insulin affects atherosclerosis and increases the risk of heart disease.  The higher your insulin, the more plaque you make . . . yes, it is that simple. Risk for atherosclerosis can be determined by checking your cholesterol and specifically an NMR Lipoprofile with lipids through […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 1/31/2017
Dr. Nally’s Elimination Diet
    Tagged: Bacon, Carbage, Humor
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 1/26/2017
The Conundrum of Cholesterol & Ketones
Watch as Dr. Nally discusses how eating more fat actually lowers your cholesterol and your risk for heart disease.  Is a ketogenic lifestyle more effective than cholesterol medication?  Find out as we discuss this an many fascinating cholesterol questions from Dr. Nally’s Periscope watchers from around the world.  He also answers questions about his KetoEssentials […]
Source:Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles), by DocMuscles 1/25/2017